Monday, 26 March 2012

Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank

Clickbank, for those of you who don't know, is a website where individuals can advertise there digital products to affiliate marketers. They then choose from all the products listed on Clickbank, which ones they want to promote. Clickbank is very good at paying their affiliates on time, they offer helpful resources such as data, showing visits from hoplinks, orders, refunds, totals etc. hoplinks are your own links that you use to promote the product, and for every click on the promoters sales page that you provide, Clickbank is able to identify this click coming from you, making sure you get the money from any sales.

From the Vendors point of view:
This is a great way for advertisers to send traffic to their sales pages and get sales. If you don't get any sales from people promoting your product you don't have to pay anything. Any sales you do get, you will pay the affiliate a commission which you have chosen, usually around 50-75%. This may seem like a huge amount at first and you might not be prepared to sacrifice that amount, but really you are the winner here as you are receiving money for doing no work. The only slight problem at first is that before you place your product on the Clickbank marketplace, you may have to do a little work creating resources such as banners, emails, articles, that you are able to give affiliates to help you get the best results.

From the affiliates point of view:
Clickbank has payed out over 2 billion dollars to affiliates. It is an excellent affiliate system and can really bring home a good amount of money, as long as you put some effort in. How do you know which products to promote though? when choosing, look at products that have a gravity of between 10 and 100. Gravity is how many people are at that moment promoting the product and generating sales. Below 10 and the product may not be great quality or may be coming to the end of its life cycle. Above 100 and it might already be being well marketed, making the competition level very high. The commissions you receive are the highest compared to most well known affiliate systems, around 50-75% per sale.

Overall Clickbank is a great way of earning big money, for affiliates and vendors. However, don't expect to get something for nothing. Put the effort in where needed, otherwise you might be disappointed. Promote relevant products compared to your content your using to advertise them. If you have a website on making money online, look at the E-business and marketing section. If your writing an article on  photography, promote products from the photography section in the signature.

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