Saturday, 24 March 2012

Traffic From Ezine Articles

 Article marketing is a great way to get traffic to your website. Ezine articles is one of the best sites to submit articles to for good amounts of traffic.

To start, have a look at other peoples articles on different sites in your niche to see what they have written. Do not copy any of their article in any way though, as this is a surefire way to get your article disapproved and your account suspended.

Have a look at what they have written and create your own. Articles rank well in Google if they have between 500-750 words and a keyword density of around 4% . Keyword density is the percentage of times a certain keyword appears compared to the amount of words in the article.

When you look at adding keywords, before you start adding, search on ezine your article title, or the basics of your title. Click on one from the top, scroll down and click on Ezine Publisher. You will then be able to see the keywords that this very popular article has used and you can use them in yours to get good results.

In the signature, put a little note and use a little html to hyperlink some text sending people to your website. Click through percentage rates vary, however 10% is an average figure. this means that for every 100 views your article gets you will get around 10 visitors to your website. Depending on what your niche is, 100 views on 1 article can come in a matter of days. write more to increase traffic.

Hope this helps

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