Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Setting Up A Simple £100 / $150 Per Month Income Stream

Today i have decided to post a quick bit of information on how you can continuously earn £100 / $150 a month from 1 hours work.

Choose a niche and using Google keyword tools or some other tool that lets you see the number of searches certain keywords have, find a keyword within this niche that gets around 1k+ searches per month.

Purchase a domain name with this keyword included in it. Then set up a WordPress blog on this domain and post a few articles that you have written. Place adsense banners, amazon affiliate links and Clickbank links on the blog where appropriate.

There you have it, as your domain includes a popular keyword it will rank high with Google, so you receive a goo amount of traffic and you will receive money from adsense, amazon and clickbank sales.

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