Freebie Websites

A lot of people are unsure about websites that claim to give you gifts for free, in exchange for completing offers and referring other members etc.. People shouldn't be. These sites get paid from their sponsors who produce these offers and as a thank you to you, they give you some of this money, either as a prize gift that you select or as cash.

Here are the top freebie sites you should consider looking at:

FreebieJeebies is by far the best freebie site out there at the moment. Once you have signed up, you are required to complete an offer. There are free trials that you can do, however these are slow processes. the best offers are the ones that cost around £5 or £10. Once you have completed an offer and your account has been reviewed you can start referring people.

The reason why FreebieJeebies is the best free gift site is purely because they give you £20 per referral! This is huge. Just get a few of your friends to sign up by giving them £10 so they get £5 profit. You then get £10 for each friend. It's worth just signing up for that.

Points2shop is a good freebie site as you can play games to win points as well as completing offers. However you'll find that compared to FreebieJeebies, it takes a lot to get the gift you want, plus you are unable to withdraw cash.

To get easy referrals I recommend signing up at Getref. You can get other people to sign up under you link if you sign up under theirs.