Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Benefits of Building A List

How many of you have your own email list? If you haven't built one yet, it's quite simple... start one now!

Email lists are incredible tools that can make you money; building a list involves gathering people's email addresses by offering them such things as updates, news, tips, advice etc. on a regular basis. Obviously the owners of the email address have to submit it themselves and confirm that they want to receive emails from you, but once they do, you are allowed to send them emails whenever you like.

As well as regularly send them useful information, now and then you can send promotional offers. These could be promoting your own products, or someone elses that you are an affiliate of. The more people you have in your list, the more you can potentially make.

I'm sure a lot of you have heard that Martin Lewis has just sold his incredible list of 5 million people... that's right, for £87 million! That's around $129 million USD. This huge list only took him 10 years to build.

I suggest you start now!

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