Tuesday, 1 May 2012

If A 12 Year Old Can Do It... So Can You!

A 12 year old boy living in the UK was suspended from school for selling sweets to other pupils. Now most of who have now automatically thought, "well their sweets, it's probably pocket change, i don't go to school anymore, i'm too old for that."

I'm not really pointing out the method he used, i'm trying to point out his attitude. This boy was making $200 profit a week. He was paying his friends $5 each everyday to go out and sell his sweets for him. He saw that people his age wanted to have sweets whilst at school and he took it into his own hands to supply them. He was able to manage it well employing several friends and knew exactly what he was doing (until he got suspended).

However this isn't really about this particular thing he was doing. After he was suspended from school he was able to make $80 within a few days from buying job lots of CD's on eBay and trading them in to music magpie, a company in the UK that buys old CD's and games. He went from one system he was running to finding another one within a couple of days! Just by looking on the internet, observing and identifying an opportunity where money could be made. Then he took action.

It just goes to show that no matter how old you are, if you look hard enough and spend time observing, anything is possible.

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