Thursday, 22 March 2012

Make Money With eBay Using Amazon

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For my first post on this new blog i thought i'd share a very useful piece of information. eBay is currently the largest auction site in the world. As you may know, sellers aren't just auctioning off there old stuff they have left lying around. Businesses and individuals have been trading on eBay, selling products they have bought elsewhere to resell them immediately for profit.

A new method that is being used by many eBayers is dropshipping. For those of you who don't know, dropshipping is where a business finds a supplier who can sell them certain products at good prices, however they offer delivery to custom addresses. This means that if a business advertises a product somewhere, when somebody purchases that product, the business goes straight to there chosen supplier and enters the shipping information of the buyer.

The business does not have to purchase the products beforehand, store them and then ship them, making it a lot easier a process.

How can you make money from this? Well, if you had already heard of dropshipping, you will know that there are a lot of scams out there. To avoid this, Amazon comes into play. Amazon is a global and trusted organisation, selling millions of well known products. Amazon ships to different addresses than the invoice address.

Have a look at different products on amazon and there prices, then go to eBay and search for these products. To help you see whether you can make a profit, click on advanced search and tick completed listings. Bare in mind any fees you will have to pay. Advertise profitable products on eBay that you have found on amazon. As soon as some one buys, go straight to amazon purchase and then enter there address. Simple.

I will be revisiting this method later to give you examples of which products sell for profit and the best ways to find and sell them.

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